Terminals at Guernsey Airport (GCI)

Guernsey Airport (GCI) is a single-terminal facility, but it is housed in a brand-new terminal building that opened in 2004. The old terminal was completely demolished so today's travellers have access to entirely modern facilities.

Forest, Guernsey, Channel Islands
States of Guernsey
Time Zone
049°26'06"N 002°36'07"W

The building itself received a fair amount of attention for its architectural style and even found its way onto a few awards shortlists. Needless to say, the interior is state of the art and designed specifically with modern travellers in mind.

There's an information desk in the main lobby as well as in the Arrivals hall. The ground floor hosts check-in desks and baggage claim carousels, while the first floor offers comfortable waiting areas and conference facilities. Guernsey Airport also meets EU standards regarding disabled passengers.


the airport's money facilities are limited to a single ATM in the main concourse. There are no currency exchange counters or banks in the airport so it's a good idea to exchange money before you arrive if necessary.


there are several shops at Guernsey Airport, and outstanding among these is world's first fair-trade store to be based out of an airport. Other stores include newsstands and a duty-free shop.


the best place to grab a bite to eat is Le Gouffre Food Village on the first floor of Guernsey Airport. Sandwiches, hot meals and pastries are all made onsite. The other major stopover is the Ritzaaz Café which is also on the first floor. This establishment also operates a bar.


before the 2004 rebuild there were no conference facilities at Guernsey Airport and business travellers would have to make use of La Fr�gate Hotel in St Peter Port. The conference room has a round table that seats 20 and a lecture theatre that accommodates 50. Both include all the necessary equipment.

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